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A blueprint for designing and building an Anaplan GTN model based on successful benchmarks
Anaplan hosts Pharosity and Twelve Consulting Group for an overview of the elements to consider in tailoring Anaplan models to your business needs within the Gross-to-Net ecosystem, as well as a discussion of critical success factors with Bayer’s Director for GTN Optimization.

1. Learn more about the GTN Ecosystem and how it affects more than just GTN

2. Hear from the experts on what to expect throughout the Anaplan implementation project and how you can be best prepared for a streamlined project that delivers its intended value

3. Understand the catalyst for change when it comes to your GTN Ecosystem.

-Michael McCarthy, Partner at Pharosity Consulting
-Brian Barbash, Partner at Pharosity Consulting
-Tara Rockers, BDM - Life Sciences at Twelve Consulting Group
-Eckart Beuttenmueller, Director GTN Optimization at Bayer Pharmaceuticals


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